Sighting reports will appear on the maps below. The first map displays MassMammals data (all submitted mammal sightings except bears), while the second map displays bear sightings submitted to our sister project, MassBears

View the instructions below to interact with the maps. If you are from an area without any sightings, please consider submitting and keeping an extra eye out for wildlife in your area! Please note that it will take a few days for the maps to update with your submission, and some sighting symbols contain multiple submissions. Thank you!

If you would like to share our interactive map on another platform, please credit and link our project. If you would like to use the map data for other purposes, please contact for permissions. Note that the data may not be used without permission.


To view the map legend, click on the icon in the bottom left. To filter sightings displayed by mammal species or year, click on the icon in the bottom right (for the MassMammals map, deer sightings are turned off automatically but can be turned back on using this icon.) Click on a symbol if you’re interested in learning more about a specific sighting. To take a screenshot of the map, click the photo icon in the top left. To find sightings in a specific location, use the search bar in the top right.

MassMammals Sightings Map

*This map includes data submitted by both MassMammals & iNaturalist volunteers. Click on a sighting to learn more about its source. To view the full size MassMammals map expanded in its own tab, click here.

MassBears Sightings Map

*To view the full size MassBears map in its own tab, click here.