Citizen science is exactly what it sounds like. It is the collaboration between scientific researchers and citizens on scientific projects. For our projects, we are asking you to take hikes and let us know where you go and what you see. You can also submit trail camera photos to us! More info on volunteering can be found at Become a Volunteer.

As a participant in our project, you will have the opportunity to witness the ecosystems in your backyard and join a community of other volunteers who are passionate about protecting our wildlife. By submitting hikes and photos, you are using scientific procedures to turn observations of nature and wildlife into valuable data. With your collective contributions, a much wider range of data can be compiled in a much shorter time than could be done by a small research team. Using modern statistical techniques, we can analyze your recordings to create crucial information about animal population distribution across Massachusetts as well as how the animals are interacting with the urban population. This can aid the implementation of important and responsive conservation strategies. The data YOU collect is being used to directly contribute to our community’s knowledge about local animals! How cool!