We are so excited to have your help and value the time and effort you have given to our project!

Please fill out this Volunteer Form to become a volunteer. Refer below for more information on the two main ways in which you can contribute.


Spotters help by going on hikes or walks and identifying any traces of animals they find along the way, using a GPS tracking app. Even if no animal is found, tracking your hike can help us determine the locations where animals are not habituating, which is as important to our research as much as finding animals themselves. Click here to see details about what being a spotter involves.

Spotter Volunteer in action!

Trail Camera Users

On the other hand, you can help document and identify animals from your own backyard or a nearby trail, using your own trail camera to take photos of wildlife. Click here to see details about what being a trail camera user involves.

Photo credit to Wiki Commons

MassBears Project

In addition to these two types of volunteering positions, you can help contribute to our MassBears project. We are collecting data on the population of black bears in the Pioneer Valley and ultimately all of Massachusetts! For more information regarding the MassBears project, click here.