Spotters, here are some helpful tools to identify the different mammals that live in the Pioneer Valley! For the complete list of mammals we are interested in observing, see our Report a Sighting page.

Spotters walking on the Norwottuck Rail Trail!

While you’re out in nature, you might come across an animal or a sign of one. With the Trails Outdoor GPS logbook app, you can log the type of animal and the location, and even upload a photo! You can make note of the animal’s size, color, and shape, as well as any scat, tracks, or markings on trees or the ground that you see. Click on the link below for instructions on how to download and use the app:

For iPhone users:

Trail Outdoor App Instructions

Trail Outdoor App Instructions with Photos (pdf)

For Android users:

Ramblr App Instructions (pdf)

Ramblr Instructions with Photos (pdf)

If you would like a helpful guide for identifying the type of animal you have found, use the resources below:

Animal Identification Guide

Scat and Track Identification Guide

Photo credit to Wiki Commons